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Art Detective

The Public Catalogue Foundation is creating Art Detective (previously known as OPEN) which will be an online resource for collections taking part in Your Paintings. Art Detective will be a free-to-use resource for collections.

Art Detective will allow curators and collection managers to request opinions, information and advice on their collections from a network of pro bono experts. The PCF has received a grant from Arts Council England to work with the University of Glasgow to set up the network.

Art Detective will offer assistance in various areas, such as art history (e.g. dating, attribution etc.), conservation and the identity of subjects in paintings. It will also allow informed members of the public to share information they have about oil paintings in public ownership.

The aim of Art Detective is to improve the quality of information about paintings in public collections by putting curators and guardians of collections in touch with specialist expertise.

Help test the pilot system - send us an enquiry:

Art Detective will be developed from July to January 2013. To help us make it as effective as possible, we would like to work with some real enquiries.

For the purposes of this development work we would like to focus on the following five areas.

  • British Portraits
  • Scotland: Artists and Subjects
  • Continental European before 1800
  • Dress and Textiles
  • Military History
  • Maritime Subjects

If you are a curator or collection manager and would like to send in an enquiry related to one or more paintings in these areas in your collection please email it and a summary of existing knowledge and documentation about the work(s) directly to Andrew Greg at andrew.greg@glasgow.ac.uk.

Please include the url of the painting on the Your Paintings website.

As long as it is within the above parameters, feel free to send in any question about the painting that you would like answered.